May 28

Circle Green’s Workplace Respect Project provides legal assistance services for people who have experienced workplace sexual harassment and discrimination.

Join us to learn about workplace sexual harassment and the important role of an active bystander in contributing to safer, more respectful workplaces. Our interactive, half-day Workplace Sexual Harassment and Active Bystander training session is designed for all workers.

Date: 28 May 2024
Time: 9.30am – 1pm
Location: Desert Blue Connect, 28 Durlacher Street Geraldton
Cost: Free

Learning outcomes:

  • The ability to define and identify workplace sexual harassment;
  • An understanding of the gendered drivers of violence and other causal factors;
  • An understanding of the nature and impact of workplace sexual harassment in Australia using lived experience stories;
  • Practical skills to promote safe, appropriate bystander action to challenge and work to prevent workplace sexual harassment; and
  • An understanding of the significance of the roles played by an active bystander and a responder to disclosures of sexual violence.

Remember to bring a phone or laptop and a pen.

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