Welcome to Desert Blue Connect, a community-based organisation that specialises in women’s health and wellness, and family and domestic violence services across the Mid West region of Western Australia.

We are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of women and families in our community. We believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe, healthy, and respectful society where they can thrive.


We offer a range of holistic and integrated services, including:

Women’s Wellness Centre: A place where you can access bulk billing and low cost women’s health care, counselling, education, and support in a professional, peaceful and confidential environment.

Family Violence Response: A service that supports you and your children if you are experiencing or at risk of family violence, through crisis intervention, safety planning, advocacy, and referrals.

Sexual Assault Service: A service that provides you and your children with counselling if you have experienced sexual assault or abuse.

Crisis Accommodation (Chrysalis House Women’s Refuge): A service that provides you and your children with safe and secure accommodation if you are escaping family violence or homelessness as result of a crisis.

Rural Support: Bases in Morawa our rural service can support you if you live in remote and rural areas of the Mid West region, covering counselling, advocacy, health, wellbeing, and prevention initiatives.

Men’s Community Intervention: A service that works with men who use violence or abuse in their relationships, through counselling, behaviour change programs, and referrals.

Primary Prevention: A service that engages with the community to raise awareness and prevent violence against women and children, through education, campaigns, events, and partnerships.

Our Values

Respect – We treat each other with respect regardless of status, gender, culture and ability.

Integrity – We do what is right, not what is expected.

Courage – We have strength and determination to challenge, initiate, educate and prevent.

Passion – We use our energy, passion, enthusiasm to drive our purpose and make a difference in the community.

You can download our Reconciliation Action Plan here.
You can download the Carers Recognition Act here.