Desert Blue Connect receives community support for winter clothes donations for Chrysalis House Women's Refuge

When we made a social media call asking for winter clothing donations for the Women’s Refuge residence, we quickly received an outpouring of community support.

Chrysalis House Women’s Refuge Coordinator Meegan Taylor said, “In just a couple of weeks, we received enough warm clothing to help the many women and children seeking shelter with us this winter.”

“We have always been collecting donations for new or good quality linen, pillows, towels, pyjamas or essential women’s items, but as the weather has been getting colder and colder, we really needed warmer clothes for our residence immediately,” Taylor said.

Desert Blue Connect’s Chrysalis House Women’s Refuge provides safe accommodation for women and children in Geraldton who are escaping family violence.

“It breaks your heart, but it makes you really proud of the women who have made that first step to seek safe shelter,” said Taylor.

“So many women and children come through our doors with nothing but what they are wearing, so to be able to provide some warm clothing and toiletries to our women gives them some dignity.

“The community generosity has been overwhelming and the team at the Refuge now have a lot of clothes to sort through and it is so appreciated!” said Taylor.

We received 100’s of pieces of clothing from local individuals, clubs, and businesses.

Yvonne Lovedee President of Inner Wheel Club, who donated $400 worth of new clothing and essential items said, “We look at helping where there is a need and our focus is caring for women and children.”

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