WAVe to remember those who have lost their lives

Close to 100 people gathered with us for our annual Walk Against Violence event (WAVe) to remember the those who lost their lives to family violence in WA this year. We walked together with eight beautiful roses in hand to symbolise the eight lives lost to family violence this year and then sent those eight roses out into the ocean in a memorial paddle out.

The theme of this year’s WAVe, Children Matter, shone light on the children who are often the silence victims of family violence. Guest speakers, Fortunate Mlambo, Helen Howard, Rayleen and the Hon Sandra Carr MLC gave impassioned speeches on the far-reaching effects of family and domestic violence on children.

Fortunate Mlambo our Child Sexual Assault Therapist said children blamed themselves for not being able to help loved ones.

“Children are experiencing the violence with all their senses,” she said.

“The child feels powerless.

“They always think it is their fault Mum and Dad are fighting.

“There is a loss of self-esteem and they lose their sense of belonging.

“Children become very angry and may turn into violent people themselves. We need to put ourselves in the child’s shoes.”

We would like to thank you to everyone who joined us for this special and important morning for our community and also give a big thank to Shaun from A Glassy Day Surf Coaching, Apex Geraldton, Geraldton Police, Derek Councillor, Rayleen Councillor, Sandra Carr MLC, City of Greater Geraldton and Geraldton Party & Event Hire for valued support and contribution to the event.

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