We recently sponsored eight women to take part in the Surf to Smile program run by A Glassy Day Surf Coaching.

Through sponsorships Surf to Smile provides free surfing lessons to people in the Midwest who are dealing with trauma or mental illness.

Surf to Smile is as simple as that. During depression, trauma or grief the hardest thing to do genuinely, is smile. When learning to surf, it is almost impossible not to smile.

There are many benefits to learning to surf and being immersed in the ocean such as creating self-awareness, clears the mind, improves mood, provides a sense of belonging and increases levels of the serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost your daytime energy.

We are extremely proud to have been able to give these women this experience through A Glassy Day Surf Coaching and urge anyone interested in the Surf to Smile program as a sponsor or participant to please get in touch with them.

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