Community, Respect & Equality Project

Desert Blue Connect, working alongside the CRE Reference Group continues to lead the Community, Respect and Equality (CRE) project in Geraldton, a regional prevention project that facilitates a whole-of-community approach to garnering commitment and action to prevent violence against women.  This project was initiated and developed in 2016 when the Geraldton community identified the need to start working towards preventing family violence through primary prevention measures and actions.

The Plan is the first of its kind in Australian to be developed using community consultation and the Our Watch framework. It provides the Geraldton community with clear guidance and actions which have been set over three phases:

  • Developing Knowledge and Awareness
  • Building on the Foundations
  • Consistent Whole of Community, Whole of Organisation Level Engagement

The Plan can be downloaded at:

In November 2018, the Community, Respect, & Equality (CRE) Agreement for organisations and businesses in Geraldton was developed and introduced.   The CRE Agreement requires organisations and businesses to endorse the CRE Agreed Values and Codes of Behaviour and commit to actions in the workplace to prevent family violence.  It is now available for organisations and businesses to read, endorse and take action.

All the information is available on the community, respect and equality website.  There is a booklet, information flyer, poster, agreed values and codes of behaviour, endorsement certificate and information about family violence for workplaces available for download.

Managers and employees of organisations are encouraged to read the new CRE Agreement online and see what is involved.  Once organisations or businesses sign the endorsement certificate they have 6 months to implement the accreditation process.  For further information contact Desert Blue Connect on

An official launch will be held in April by the CRE Reference Group and Desert Blue Connect.

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