We provide a number of initiatives and programs that focus on child protection and abuse prevention.

We can offer prevention workshops for community, early education providers, schools and youth organisations on the following topics:-

  • Responding to harmful sexualised behaviours
  • Introduction to child abuse
  • Parent Information Session on Protective Behaviours – how parents can support their children

In 2019 we provided:-

  • Child care protective behaviour sessions as part of Mitchell Street School Holiday program
  • Protective behaviour community activities at Wandina and Rangeway Primary School
  • White Balloon Day with protective behaviour educational activities at Bluff Point Primary School
  • Participated in Children’s Week activities
  • Provided a social work student education session at WA Centre for Rural Health
  • Parent information sessions at Ngala and at Allendale Primary School

We also provide individual protection education for young people with a disability and for children who at considered at risk or need a catch up in their sessions due to absence from the school based protective behaviour learning.

Please contact us on 9964 2742 or info@desertblueconnect.org.au as some workshops are fee based and some are offered free of charge.

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