Mar 11

Protective Behaviours (PB) is an important program for the protection of children through safety strategies and learning opportunities. Currently, PB is mandated by the Department of Education to be included in all public primary schools, but some children cannot attend school based sessions for a number of reasons, from being disengaged or their school may not be offering the program yet. Desert Blue Connect want to make sure that the most vulnerable children in our community have access to the programs they need when they need them, which is why PB Mondays was created.

PB Mondays is a 5 week long program starting on March 11th and runs until April 8th. It will be held at Desert Blue Connect after school with two separate, age-appropriate groups. Group 1 is for pre-primary to year 3 and runs from 3:30 to 4 pm to accommodate younger attention spans. Group 2 is for children from year 4 to year 6 and runs from 3:30 to 4:30pm. Both these groups are for children with a verifiable need for PB in the form of a recommendation from a counsellor, court order, at risk situation or other special circumstances.

Please contact or phone 9964 2742 to sign up or any further enquires please speak to a member of the Community Initiatives team.

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