Chrysalis House Women’s Refuge, managed by local non-profit organisation Desert Blue Connect has received support from local women’s group, Inner Wheel with a donation of 30 new towels.

Sue, Support Worker at the women’s refuge was elated to receive the donations from current President of Inner Wheel, Lesley Colliver and incoming President Yvonne Lovedee.

“Women who are accommodated here have gone through a pretty tough time and they are feeling quite down”, said Sue.  “Having something new makes them feel good and shows that someone cares.”

“When they come in with nothing, it’s nice to get something new.”

The donation will be used for women accommodated at Chrysalis House Women’s House Refuge who are escaping from family violence.  The towels will also be available for women who are relocating and setting up in new accommodation and to other family violence support programs within Desert Blue Connect, where a need arises.

Inner Wheel President, Lesley stated their group is here to support women in the local community.

“One of our objectives is community service and women working together to make a difference and improve lives”, she said.

“We would like to do more for the local community and give back.  The giving back idea for the towels came from a local family violence training we attended when we were talking to the support workers from the women’s refuge.  They told us that they had run out of towels and were also looking for linen.”

“We took this on and worked to do local fundraising so we could provide this donation”, stated Lesley.  “We do a couple of events each year and recently did the Bunnings sausage sizzle.”

The Inner Wheel Geraldton currently has approximately 14 women members.  If you would like to know more about this group email Lesley on or phone Yvonne on 0428 312 338.

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