We get asked this a lot.  It is a very good question and we feel it’s very important that we share information to our clients so they can make an informed decision about what suits them and what doesn’t.  Counselling provides you with an hour to talk about the things you want to without interruptions.  You can discuss your thoughts and feelings with a counsellor.  Our client feedback says that counselling can be positively life changing and very worthwhile.

To ensure our clients are informed, we have developed a “What is Counselling” information sheet which provides a lot more in depth information about counselling.  It is downloadable (click on link below) or is available in print form at our front reception desk.  So grab one if you aren’t completely sure counselling is for you and have a read.

What is Counselling

We provide a lot of different counselling services here at Desert Blue Connect so it’s best to come and have a chat to us about what you are after.  We also can provide counselling via phone or videoconference.

Phone numbers during office hours are:

Desert Blue Connect Main office 9964 2472

Rural Counsellor 0419 348 006

Or email info@desertblueconnect.org.au

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