Desert Blue Connect, women’s health program will be delivering a new series of four workshops for women in Geraldton focusing on women’s health throughout their lives, during August, September and October 2019.

The workshops will be facilitated by Geraldton’s leading women’s health specialists including Dr Sara Armitage and Dr Carolyn Haeusler local Obstetrician /Gynaecologists, Charlotte Inwood Naturopath, Julie Marchetti Clinical Reflexologist and Sharon Houwen RN/RM – Desert Blue Connect Women’s Health Nurse.

The first workshop is scheduled for Tuesday 6th August 2019 and will cover the topic of common menstrual cycle issues, including discussion on PMT/PMS, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, heavy periods and absence of periods.  This first session is aimed at young women to women in midlife.

Charlotte Inwood, a local Naturopath in Geraldton will be presenting at the first health night, along with Dr Haeusler, Julie Marchetti and Sharon Houwen.

“I believe these workshops will be very helpful for women, as they gather information from a variety of perspectives in order to make more informed choices as to their bodies,” Ms Inwood said.

“It also is a pretty great opportunity to meet ‘us’ (the practitioners) & see that we are just pretty normal and, hopefully, very approachable, people.”

Sharon, the Women’s Health Nurse at Desert Blue Connect has been a supporter in our community of informed choices in women’s health.

“Basically, educating women about their bodies empowers them to be able to make choices about their health”, said Ms Houwen.  “Many approaches work together in complementing ways to bring about the best health outcomes.”

“Women who attend the health nights will gain knowledge to identify when health concerns require closer attention and when to see a practitioner of choice.  They will also learn practical strategies they can implement themselves as well.”

The women’s health nights are free to attend however a donation would be appreciated at the door.  Supper and refreshments are available from 6pm.  RSVP is essential due to limited numbers, phone 9964 2742.

Tickes are available at Desert Blue Connect reception or on Eventbrite at


First event details

Session 1: Common Menstrual Cycle issues – PMT/PMS, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, heavy periods and absence of periods.

Tuesday 6th August, 2019

Event commences at 6pm for supper with the start of the workshop at 6:30pm

Desert Blue Connect Studio, 28 Durlacher Street, Geraldton

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