Oct 4

A joyful cooking class and long table lunch for parents/caregivers and their daughters aged 12 to 18

Food holds an important place in our lives, from fueling us to move through the day to helping us connect with our friends and family. So why do so many of us have complicated relationships with food?

This workshop will provide an opportunity for young people and their caregiver/ parent to learn how to cook a healthy, tasty meal together and share a positive experience  associated with food.

Participants will also learn, with the help of our headspace facilitator, about how the words they use about food matter and the ways they can impact on healthy eating and body esteem.

Held during the school holidays, this event is a partnership between headspace and Women’s Health at Desert Blue Connect.

Date:   Friday October 4, 2019

Venue:  Foodbank, 31 Webberton Road, Webberton WA 6530

Time:  11am to 130pm

Phone:  (08) 9964 8011 (Foodbank)  (08) 9964 2742 (Desert Blue Connect)


Food and drinks provided – long table lunch to follow cooking class.

If you have dietary requirements please advise then when booking.

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