Culture blooms and hearts begin to heal through inaugural Aboriginal women’s resilience program

A month into our inaugural Desert Rose program we are starting to see some beautiful personal and cultural connections being made within the Aboriginal women’s resilience group.

The participants who meet with us weekly are working together to help each other to heal and empower each other through a journey of self-discovery and cultural identity.

Desert Blue Connect Aboriginal Liaison Officer Marika Yarran said “last week’s session was called My Mob Our Mob That Mob and the ladies learnt about what Lateral Violence is and the impact is has on our people.

“We had a yarn about what we can do to change Lateral Violence in our families and in our community.

“The message was – be the change you want to see. How we as individuals can combat against Lateral Violence,” Marika said.

Desert Blue Connect are currently not taking any more participants into the Desert Rose program for this term, however expressions of interest are open from the next program, with dates still yet to be determined.

Express your interest by calling Desert Blue Connect on 99642742 or email

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